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When you think of “25 years”, what thoughts come to mind? Reaching 25 years is an important objective. Classic cars are often considered collectible after 25 years. Chopard will celebrate the 25th anniversary of partnership with historical Mille Miglia. This is the reason why Chopard will launch its new fragrance for men, dedicated to Mille Miglia.

In 1988, Mille Miglia was already an international event. However, this current regular race represents a reconstruction of a particular race competed from 1927 to 1957. The spirit of this old race was very similar to that of Carrera Panamericana. You can find more informations concerning Mille Miglia history at the following website:


Chopard has already paid homage to the race, naming a chronograph “Mille Miglia”. Now Chopard has made a breakthrough: it has chosen to sell perfumes taking advantage of classic cars and historical races allure. Therefore, classic cars and historical races represent a status symbol able to attract both youths and adults.

Chopard is not the only luxury fashion company which has combined fragrances with classic cars. Paco Rabanne, for instance, is a company whose communication is based on success representation. One Million TV commercial represents a men who drives a Jaguar E-type. This kind of car was used, in the past, also by Diabolik.


TOP NOTE – clean aromatic notes of lavender refreshed by bergamot and juniper berries
HEART NOTE – green notes of violet leaf and herbaceous notes of clary sage modernizing powerful leathery notes of asphalt accord.
BASE NOTE – coffee notes intensified by a complex of dry woods and amber and warmed by tonka beans.

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