Rush: come (ri)scoprire il cinema e la Formula Uno

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It’s useless to regret this fact: unless Formula One’s circus is always looking for new horizons, it has lost the “touch” of the old times.

Last Sunday, the last chapter of F1 World Championship went on stage: the German pilot Vettel won the race riding the invincible Red Bull’s. The current World Championship has been written since its beginning,and for some years till now, it hasn’t given any emotions nor dramatic turn of events.,

 Ron Howard,Rush director, is well-aware of the F1 loss of appeal  he produced a successful movie.The main charachters of the movie are Niki Lauda, James Hunt and their historical rivalry. The first one rational and reckoner, the second one easy-going and lover of the good life.


A premise has to be made: it isn’t a niche movie. Hunt and Lauda’s dualism, which has  characterize  Formula One’s history, succeed in focusing the audience attention on a surge of historically accurate screenplay (the reproduction of  the cars on the starting grid and tracks is really good) and main charachters’ convincing intepretations. Everything is combined by Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack (Inception doesn’t mean nothing to you, is it?) that perfectly fits in with the seventies automotive world.

Every film frame offers strong adrenaline bursts mixed with an accentuated nostalgia for that times when each curb could conceal a trap and when every competion could be the last in a pilot’s career. The screen projects vivid and, sometimes, rough images which make clear what driving a Formula One meant in the sixties and the seventies.
The contrast between the two pilots, altough it’s sometimes too fictional, won’t let you neutral and it will force you to “support” Hunt rather than Lauda.

So, can young men, cinematography and automotive world coexist? Yes, according to our and Howard’s concept. A lot of movies, unjustly marked as “boring”, have something to tell us.
We will (re)discover together some masterpieces that have made the history of cinematography: Rush is only the beginning.

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