Gianni Agnelli: un’eleganza inconfodibile

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When in 2003 Gianni Agnelli died, also an era of elegance, and a life approach able to improve days, even the worst one, were said to be finished with him.

Fortunately, the Lawyer, as Gianni Agnelli is known, left us not only lots of reminders and his biting and never expected jokes but also a GREAT inheritance. Great , written in capital letters, does not concern current accounts nor properties, but it underlines all Gianni Agnelli’s incredible creations, which could be conceived by him only.

For that reason,this year, Mauto museum, in Turin, (the national italian museum of car which has been dedicated to him since 2011), has exhibited “his” cars . Like for example: The Multipla Spider, which was produced after his death, the Delta Integrale Spider that he has driven in Saint Moritz, the Ferrari 360 Speedway,which he gave his friend Luca Cordero di Montezemolo as wedding present, the Fiat 130, a family car with wicker ski racks, and the Coupé Shooting Brake version…


I have always loved thinking about him, and how he could imagine himself driving these cars, where. he thought driven them, in a particular and well-definite context…

It could be only my fantasy, but ,taking part at the exhibit, it is impossible not to notice the unexpected interior and exterior design of his cars. The Lawyer personalized them in detail in order to create the car he thought about.

This attitude remembers a past epoch in which sports moto rised vehicles were a prominent industrial phenomenon, and only who can afford it, worked with the car builder to give him particular requests in order to reproduce his personality clearly.

Personality is the word really related to a man who has been the protagonist of a multifaceted and full life. But this personality made and makes difficult to really describe his character, even if we have lots of his biographies.

Lots of texts has been written about the Lawyer Gianni Agnelli and so we have decided to write more than one post in order to describe him in a better way.

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Classe 1988, nato a Piacenza, golfista in erba. Formazione classica con tesina di maturità su Gianni Agnelli e laurea in giurisprudenza. La passione per l’antiquariato è di famiglia, passando per le macchine fotografiche anni ’50 – ’70, arrivo al motorismo d’epoca. Ho partecipato di recente alla 13 Chilometri Bobbio-Penice, gara di regolarità nella quale, sprovvisto di cronometro, tenevo il tempo con un automatico anni sessanta. Piazzamento dignitoso, giuria incredula!