Francesco Fulchieri – born in Codogno in 1988, senior year Law student . I have always been keen on cars. I have inherited this passion by my father, who was a rally driver in the late 1970s. I am also really interested in photography and wine tasting and I mix all my passions through social media marketing, such as this blog. In fact, it combines two worlds which seem, at first glance, different. However, our crew will present these different worlds starting from today.

Owned cars: Maserati Biturbo, Kia Sportage TD, Fiat Barchetta, Mercedes-Benz 190E.

Present car: Fiat 124 Sport Coupè 1600





Andrea Albasi – born in Piacenza in 1988, Law graduate and amateur Golfer. I have studied in a secondary school focusing on humanities and my final essay was about Gianni Agnelli. I am interested in antiques, such as 1950s-1960s cameras or classic Motoring. I have recently run a 13 km historic race “Bobbio-Penice”, where i did not have a chronometer, so I kept time with a 1960s automatic watch. Nevertheless, I have obtained a good result and the jury was stupefied!

Owned cars: Citroen Pluriel, Fiat Barchetta, Lancia Thema 2.0 turbo LX, Audi A4 2.0

Present cars: Lancia Delta LX, Fiat 500 Cabrio Lounge

Nicolò Premoli – born in Piacenza in 1988, senior year Law student. I contribute to a Football Forum, writing half serious articles devoted to my town. I am really interested in Computer Science and in every types of Science Fiction. I have recently gotten closer to Classic Cars world. I search the whole web in order to find 1970s Grand Prix and memorable rally videos. My biggest dream is to own a Muscle car, maybe a late 1970s Corvette.

Present car: Fiat 500

Sonia Scozzafava – born in Catanzaro in 1989, graduate in Organising Public and Private Administrations and currently Labour Sciences student. I love old-style cinema. In my opinion, Ingmar Bergman is a master and, sometimes, I lose my way watching his movies. I love listening to music and collecting old vinyl. My job consists in… giving suggestions to peoples who need some help! I love fashion and high heels! I have got a wonderful cat called Marchesina Hermione Granger della Scozzafava. I love reading and I am sure that one fine day I’ll take up residence in Provence with my friend Giulia. We will spend our time laying out sheets over lavender meadows.



Beatrice Gnarini – born in Piacenza in 1992, graduate at foreign languages high school and Linguistic and Cultural Mediation student. I am really interested in foreign languages and travels. I have obtained a Tourism diploma at “Chambre de Commerce de Paris”. I have played volleyball for twelve years and I am a Copra Elior supporter, which is the volleyball team of my town. I am interested in fashion and I read fashion industry magazines. However, I do not consider myself as a fashion victim.

Daniela Gnarini – born in Piacenza in 1987, graduated in Business Economics and currently Senior International Labour and Social Policies Student. My cultural awareness within international contexts lead me to find out different places from typical tourist attractions. This bohémien mood is well mixed with my interest in volleyball. In fact I have followed Copra Elior (Piacenza volleyball team) also in international away games several times. I was volleyball referee and I could draw up a list about every insult I received among seven long years.

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